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Environmental Services 

Many of our services can be directly related to property transactions, the real estate market and private concerns and emergencies. True North offers these services with the awareness that "time is of the essence" regarding delivery of the product. We strive to meet these deadlines, no matter how short they may be. 

True North Environmental offers the following services related to property transactions:

  • Water screening/analysis for contaminants
  • Groundwater testing
  • Environmental Site Screenings including Phase I, Phase II and Phase III Environmental Site Assessments:
  • Soil Feasibility Studies related to onsite waste disposal (soil drainfields and alternative drainfield disposal) including drainfield permitting 
  • Groundwater Potential Studies
  • Pond and Lake Assessments
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) environmental assessments
  • Hazardous Waste Screenings including assessment of past uses of herbicides and pesticides

The list above is a sampling of some of the services that are offered. However, each job is site and issue specific; that is, environmental site screenings are often tailored to the desires (and/or concerns) of a particular seller, purchaser, or lending institution and are often unique to a particular geographic setting and based, in part, on past uses of a property. True North has the experience and ability to develop site-specific environmental screenings for every unique situation.

Pond Assessment and Rehabilitation



Collecting water quality data

Collecting water samples at a community well in El Progreso, Honduras

Real Estate in the Rolling Piedmont of Virginia

Environmental Screenings for Herbicides and Pesticides

Underground Storage Tank Removal and Petroleum Contaminant Assessments

Constructed Wetland Drainfield